Do you feel like you’ve lost your spark with your partner? With yourself?

Do you desire sacred and beautiful intimacy?

Do you wish your lover also felt like your best friend?

Do you feel like you’ve turned into “roomates” with your partner?

Are you struggling to communicate or understand your partner?

Do you want to experience that young love, that honeymoon phase, that feeling of having someone understand you fully and completely?

Do you desire to reignite your spark?

Do you desire deep love, trust, intimacy, and a sense of completeness with your partner?

If you said YES to any of the above, or just want to feel satisfied in your love life in general, Couples Breathwork Sessions are for YOU.

Breathing together brings you closer together, more intimate, and allows you to open up in a way that will allow deep intimacy, communication, and satisfaction to occur.


Why Couples Breathwork?

Couples have shared that by doing this work together, it has helped deepen or even save their relationship. It’s that powerful!

How it works

  • Session are 90 minutes long
  • Online or In-person
  • 24 hour cancellation policy


90 minute session – $222


Watch the What to Expect videos if you are new to Breathwork.

Contact me with any questions.