Whether you want to reduce stress and anxiety, you just feel “off” and are looking to feel more of a sense of completeness, you’d like to deepen your connections and relationships to others, respond with more grace and ease to the stressors of life instead of reacting, find more purpose and meaning, love yourself, believe in yourself, deepen your connection to the Universe/Source/God/The Divine (insert whatever you’d like here), and especially if you are sick and tired of talking about your problems and just want to MOVE ON, Breathwork is for you.

Breathwork is a “bottom up” approach to healing – meaning, we focus on the body instead of the brain/mind/talking about it. It is scientifically proven that the body stores trauma and old emotions psychically in the body and it’s tissues, so Breathwork is an extremely effective way to transform and transmute trauma, old patterns, and stuck emotions in order to live a more peaceful and harmonious life.

If you said yes to any of these things above or can relate even a little bit to them, Breathwork IS for YOU!