Working with KateLyn has been a fascinating and illuminating experience. I was skeptical about Breathwork when I was offered a chance to join a group session. Like, I know how to breathe already, thanks.

And yet, after the first session, I felt simultaneously calm and invigorated. I wanted more of whatever had just happened!

Through Breathwork, I’ve been able to tap into some unmet needs in my life, and by addressing those, I’m happier, more grounded, and feeling like more me now –the version of myself I love being. That’s pretty cool.

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Anna McDermott
Marshall Communictions Account Supervisor

Before working with Katelyn I was in an almost constant state of anxiety. Never allowing myself to relax and always looking over my shoulder or positioning myself so I had direct access to an exit and no one could sneak up behind me. For me the most powerful part of the session was near the end, arms and legs tingly with energy and forgiving/loving myself. I was in tears. I’m a survivor of sexual assault and suffer from PTSD from that and from the traumatizing birth of my daughter/loss of my grandfather all at the same time. Since working with KateLyn I’m more at peace in my own body, less fight or flight and more at home in my own skin. I feel less chaotic. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of trying Breathwork to sign up for a session with Katelyn. She is such a strong grounding presence and does a great job of facilitating the process and teaching the different breath patterns.

Cynthia Sawyer
Inside Sales at F.W. Webb Company

The breathwork session left me so clear headed afterwards. I felt for the first time in a long time like I had the ability to feel out how i wanted to spend the rest of my night, and i was so excited when i was reminded that i get to do the same thing next Tuesday! It felt so good to just take that time to myself and honor my energy in such a loving way. TYSM!

Grace Willcox
Wellness with Grace - Organic SMM & VA

Before working with KateLyn, I physically had a lot of tension in my lower back and emotionally felt stuck. After my first session my lower back completely relaxed. I heard God talking to me to tell me what I needed to hear. Since working with KateLyn my breathing gets deeper every time I do the classes. I am able to hold my breath a lot longer than I used to. Deep into the session, I feel like I’m in that space I find myself and God. Parts of myself emotionally that felt they were stuck at 6 years old, now I see myself at 12 years old and look forward to increasing my emotional age up to current in my healing journey. KateLyn has such a calming vibe and helps you feel grounded. I have referred a lot of my patients to her and I see her helping them work on themselves to get another level of healing.

Casey LaPierre, DC
The Chiropractic Transformation Center

Before working with KateLyn I tried a lot of stuff to work on myself, I feel like I was always looking for “the thing” that would help me. My biggest challenge emotionally has always been a lack of self-worth, not being good enough for anything, not trusting myself, feel like I could do anything well, or felt like enough.

Now I feel more confident about just about everything in my life.  I do not feel like I am looking over my shoulder to see who is “judging” me.  I feel much better about making decisions that are right for me and not making them because of what someone else wants.  I feel so comfortable and I have sobbed, laughed or done nothing at all and it is comfortable no matter what happens in a session. KateLyn also facilitates the ability to create a straighter channel between your heart and mind. She helps you find your own authenticity – Thank the goddess I said yes to a friend who recommended her!

Pauline Ryynanen
Owner, Inner Wisdom Sanctuary

KateLyn turned me onto Breathwork in June 2022. I’m her husband, so I thought I would be a good supportive partner and go along with things… It’s now a couple of months later and I feel increasingly more relaxed in my body. Initially I was skeptical that simply breathing could help me feel “clear” or “happy” in the body. Boy was I dead wrong. It’s amazing how much Breathwork has changed my life!!! Now I look forward to the daily practice and I continue to feel more clear, spacious, and harmonized in my body, mind, and spirit!

Barry Costa
Creative by Nature

Spending time with KateLyn in her breathwork sessions is meaningful, deeply touching, and emotionally healing. If you are looking for a proven and effective means to increase your ability to reach deeper levels of your mind, body, and soul, I highly recommend her services.

Her unique ability to create a peaceful, nurturing atmosphere through her calming voice and warm, embracing choice of music, combined with her expertise in how the body and breath interact with one another, is a joy to experience. KateLyn takes you on a journey of self-exploration and gives you the tools to do this on your own. Anyone serious about healing, self-exploration, and self-care must experience Katelyn’s work.

Brad Clark
MSc, Co-founder of Anodyne Health