Before working with KateLyn I tried a lot of stuff to work on myself, I feel like I was always looking for “the thing” that would help me. My biggest challenge emotionally has always been a lack of self-worth, not being good enough for anything, not trusting myself, feel like I could do anything well, or felt like enough.

Now I feel more confident about just about everything in my life.  I do not feel like I am looking over my shoulder to see who is “judging” me.  I feel much better about making decisions that are right for me and not making them because of what someone else wants.  I feel so comfortable and I have sobbed, laughed or done nothing at all and it is comfortable no matter what happens in a session. KateLyn also facilitates the ability to create a straighter channel between your heart and mind. She helps you find your own authenticity – Thank the goddess I said yes to a friend who recommended her!

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