Before working with Katelyn I was in an almost constant state of anxiety. Never allowing myself to relax and always looking over my shoulder or positioning myself so I had direct access to an exit and no one could sneak up behind me. For me the most powerful part of the session was near the end, arms and legs tingly with energy and forgiving/loving myself. I was in tears. I’m a survivor of sexual assault and suffer from PTSD from that and from the traumatizing birth of my daughter/loss of my grandfather all at the same time. Since working with KateLyn I’m more at peace in my own body, less fight or flight and more at home in my own skin. I feel less chaotic. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of trying Breathwork to sign up for a session with Katelyn. She is such a strong grounding presence and does a great job of facilitating the process and teaching the different breath patterns.

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