For each session I create a playlist to match your energy, or the group energy, and the intention of the session.

Maybe you are working on letting go, clearing, releasing, integrating, modifying something, or transforming. Whatever it is I do always tune into your needs and energy to help maximize the session for you or the group.

The process to creating the playlists is a lot of fun for me. First, I make a preliminary playlist. This playlist may not be the end product, but it’s a starting point. I will listen to this playlist on repeat: while I’m running, cooking, cleaning, just around the house. Whenever I feel something is off, I change it. Sometimes I delete songs, sometimes add new ones, and sometimes switch the order around.

Once the playlist seems complete, I will then tune into the breaths. Again, this depends on your or the group energy and intention, as well as the rhythm of the music. I intentionally choose breaths that match the music. This allows you to have an even better and deeper experience; when you are breathing to the music, YOU sync up with YOUR own energy. This allows the body to release and renew – breathing in new energy and releasing the old.

I put my heart and soul into each playlist and I always take into account YOUR experience; I constantly tune into your or the group’s energy so that you can have the best experience possible and the most transformation.