Each session usually begins with gentle and calming breath patterns followed by more invigorating and fast paced breath techniques and ends again with gentle breath and meditation.

Through intentionally controlling the breath, normally an automatic process, you are able to gain greater control of your body, and in turn, gain more control of your emotions and ability to respond to life.

Each session is guided with care and a trauma-informed lens, creating a safe space so that you can explore yourself freely, connect with your body, clear and transmute trauma and stuck emotions, and shift your state of being.

The more intimate you become with yourself, the more self-empowered you will be, and the more you will be able to trust yourself and your intuition.

After a session people often experience relaxation in your body, clarity in your awareness, and a deeper sense of peace and harmony.

The effects of Breathwork are vast, some of which include:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Clarity of mind and better mental focus
  • Calmer nervous system and more control over your emotions
  • Reduction in stress hormones and anxiety
  • Alkalizes the body by clearing out CO2
  • Release old subconscious patterns that have kept you stuck
  • Deep connection within your heart, mind, and body
  • Increased feelings of  joy, connection, and harmony
  • Better ability to respond to stressors of life instead of react
  • Move through and release trauma
  • And so much more!

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