1. Safe space

  • I will ALWAYS create a safe space – this is the #1 most important thing to me, because then you can be you and show up however you need – no judgment here!
  • This means I will be tuned in to your energy and always open for suggestions and feedback.
  • I promise to lead with my heart and come to the session grounded.

2. Trust

  • This includes creating a space where you trust in yourself AND the process and our partnership.
  • To me this is a partnership – and with that trust flows both ways.

3. Flowy, Fun, & Grounded

  • This space is meant to feel graceful and embody a sense of ease.
  • Healing is not necessarily linear, and with this we can embrace the flow of the healing process – whether it feels fun or joyful or gritty and difficult – it all gets to be here.
  • There is a duality in healing – at times it will feel flowy and airy and at other times we will focus on grounding ourselves – again, it all gets to be here 🙂

4. Empowering

  • YOU are the medicine – meaning that all that you need is already inside of you – there is nothing wrong with you and you are not broken.
  • YOU are the creator of your life – YOU are capable of creating a flowy, connected, and harmonious life.

5. Clean, Open, and Spacious

  •  Everything comes from the goodness of my heart – this creates a clean, open and spacious space.
  • With openness and spaciousness we are all able to be exactly who we need to be in each and every moment – no judgments.