Here is a list of options for 1-on-1.

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1-on-1: 60 Minute Breathwork and Integration

This session will be tailored for YOU.

We will focus on your needs, your intention, and what you’d like to get out of the session. We will talk shortly beforehand on what to expect, choose breath patterns specific to your needs, and following the session there will be time for integration in order to process anything that comes up.

Things we may focus on within a session:
  • Finding a greater sense of joy and pleasure in your day to day life
  • Moving through stuck emotions and trauma
  • Exploring old patterns and ways of thinking
  • Setting clear intentions of what you’d REALLY like your life to look like
  • How to recognize and listen to your intuition
  • How to trust yourself and your life
  • Dive DEEP into any blocks and what’s holding you back – this may include relationships, limited thinking, and old agreements you’ve unconsciously made
  • Using the breath to bypass the mind – we will integrate and talk about all of these things and more, AND use the breath to clear trauma, emotions, and old agreements to move through them and heal so that you can feel safe in your body, trust yourself, and truly create the life you’d LOVE to live.

60 minutes – $111/session – Book Now and Pay

1-on-1: 90 Minute Breathwork + Coaching + Integration

This session will be tailored to YOU and your needs.

The difference between the 60 minute and the 90 minute session, is that 90 minutes will include a longer Breathwork session as well as coaching before and after to support you on your journey. We will set an intention and choose specific breath patterns based on what you’d like to get out of the session.

This session is transformative, as there is space to process therapeutically as well as dive deep into a longer Breathwork session.

90 Minutes – $166/session – Book Now and Pay

1-on-1: 90 Minute Couples Breathwork + Coaching

If you’re looking to connect with your partner on a deeper level, create more intimacy, have amazing sex, or really improve your relationship in any way, this is for you.

We will spend time talking about what may be going on between you two (whether there be an “issue” or you just want to connect more deeply) and then go into a Breathwork Session tailored to both of your energy and goals.

90 Minutes – $222/session – Book Now

1-on-1: Deep Dive Breathwork with Integration + Coaching + Telegram Support

If you feel and know you are ready to break through and find that peace and harmony in life, and REALLY create a life you would LOVE to live, this is for you.

This includes working together 1-on-1 every week with the intention of being committed to change!

This first session will be 90 minutes where we will really dive into what you want to focus on, your goals, and the things that are holding you back. The following 7 sessions will be 60 minutes.

After the first 90 minute session I will create a specialized Breathwork recording just for you so that you can download it and use it throughout the week.

You will also receive up to 30 minutes a week of support on Telegram throughout the weekdays for the entire 8 weeks to help you stay on track and feel supported between sessions.

Within these 8 weeks we will be working with the body and the mind to clear and transmute deep wounds, blocks, unconscious and conscious patterns, trauma, and anything that is holding you back.

Each week will include cognitive processing as well as a Breathwork session in order to physically move through old emotions, trauma, and anything that may be stuck in your body and holding you back. The combination of processing as well as the body and somatic work through Breathwork is deeply transformational.

Working together intimately each week for 8 weeks will allow enough time to truly peel back the layers and uncover the authentic and true YOU underneath the layers, patterning, trauma, emotions, confusions, and roles you currently play in your life.

Recap of what this includes:
  • One 90-minute kick-off session
  • 7 subsequent 60-minute weekly sessions
  • Telegram Support for up to 30 minutes a week
  • Your own personalized Breathwork Recording to use throughout the week
  • A special gift that comes in the mail!
Payment Options:
  1. Pay in Full – $1,333.00 – Pay Now and Book Your First Appointment
  2. Pay in 2 payments of $666.5 Pay Now and Book Your First Appointment
  3. Pay in 4 payments of $333.25 Pay Now and Book Your First Appointment