I’ve also been studying mindfulness and meditation and have been on my own healing journey for over a decade. While I’ve experienced profound shifts in my life there always seemed to be something that was keeping me “stuck”.

When I found Breathwork, years of old patterns, emotions, and trauma began to fade away; I finally felt at home in my body and more profoundly connected to myself than ever before.

What I discovered was that through my own breath I had control over my nervous system, which in turn allowed me more control in my life and how I responded to situations and my own emotions.

After years consumed by anxiety and moments where I truly didn’t want to be here anymore, I finally felt light and free.

I was empowered to create my own boundaries and ways of being in the world instead of the world dictating it for me. It’s easy to underestimate the power of the breath to heal physically and emotionally, and I can attest through my own experiences and those I’ve worked with that these feelings of peace and harmony and an overall “wow” are a common effect.

I can now trust my inner voice and inner knowing and am confident that this work will help countless others as well. It is my mission to bring this sense of empowerment, self-love, trust, and joy to others through the power of your own breath.


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What to Expect from KateLyn

When you work with me and are receiving support, you can ALWAYS expect that these 5 values are behind everything that I do.

1. Safe space

  • I will ALWAYS create a safe space – this is the #1 most important thing to me, because then you can be you and show up however you need – no judgment here!
  • This means I will be tuned in to your energy and always open for suggestions and feedback.
  • I promise to lead with my heart and come to the session grounded.

2. Trust

  • This includes creating a space where you trust in yourself AND the process and our partnership.
  • To me this is a partnership – and with that trust flows both ways.

3. Flowy, Fun, & Grounded

  • This space is meant to feel graceful and embody a sense of ease.
  • Healing is not necessarily linear, and with this we can embrace the flow of the healing process – whether it feels fun or joyful or gritty and difficult – it all gets to be here.
  • There is a duality in healing – at times it will feel flowy and airy and at other times we will focus on grounding ourselves – again, it all gets to be here 🙂

4. Empowering

  • YOU are the medicine – meaning that all that you need is already inside of you – there is nothing wrong with you and you are not broken.
  • YOU are the creator of your life – YOU are capable of creating a flowy, connected, and harmonious life.

5. Clean, Open, and Spacious

  •  Everything comes from the goodness of my heart – this creates a clean, open and spacious space.
  • With openness and spaciousness we are all able to be exactly who we need to be in each and every moment – no judgments.
Working with Me

1-on-1, 8-week Deep Dive + Coaching, and Group Healing – I offer a variety of options to help each person find a balance with their own timeline of change as well as meeting the needs we all have financially.

For more information about the different Breathwork offerings please Book Your Session Now or visit the Work with Me page for more information about the various programs, events, and 1-on-1 help, and various Breathwork services offered.

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